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2023 Brain Pool Fellowship Programs(BP&BP+) - NRF (Reannouncement)
R&D in Korea(rdik)
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2023-01-16 ~ 2023-06-30
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Announcement of Brain Pool Plus 2023.pdf Announcement of Brain Pool Fellowship Program 2023.pdf

The National Research Foundation of Korea welcomes applications of Brain Pool Programs.

The purpose of BP Fellowship Programs is attracting outstanding overseas scientist to Korea to establish

a long-term research networks between researchers.

A. Research Fields: All fields in science and technology

   ※ Preference fields: 12 National Strategic Technology Fields

  [12 National Strategic Technology Fields]

  ① Semiconductor and display ② Secondary cells ③ Leading-edge mobility ④ Next Generation nuclear energy

  ⑤ Leading edge bio ⑥ Aerospace and marine ⑦ Hydrogen ⑧ Cybersecurity ⑨ AI ⑩ Next generation communications

  ⑪ Leading-edge robotics and manufacture ⑫ Quantum

B. Eligibility of Brain Pool Candidates(BP fellow)

 ① Ph.D. holders who is living overseas(outside of Korea)

 ② In case of corporate and corporate-affiliated research institute being the host organization, scientist

     with five-year or more of on-site R&D experience overseas(outside of Korea) regardless of his/her

     possession of a doctoral degree

C. Research Period: (Type 1: short-term research) 6-12 months, (Type 2: long-term research) Max. 3 years*

   ※ (Type 1,2) Re-application available (Re-application is available only once, with the same host PI and BP fellow)

For more details, please find the attached files.

Thank you.